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New technology gives healthcare providers a secure HIPAA-compliant method of exchanging patient info

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If you are a medical office, a physical therapist, a nursing care facility, or an urgent care center located in Broward, Miami-Dade, or Palm Beach County and you’re looking to lease or buy a new copier, then you need to consider this new technology. Because copiers have a life cycle of 3 to 5 years, it would wise for healthcare providers to include this new technology in their next multifunction printer (MFP).

Advances in technology are changing the way healthcare providers share patient information. Gold Coast Technologies, a South Florida document imaging company, is excited to be an authorize dealer for the Konica Minolta Healthcare Multifunction Printers (MFP’s). These new Konica Minolta Healthcare MFP’s transmit patient information via a secure online exchange, providing workflow efficiencies and cost-savings.

Konica Minolta Healthcare MFP’s are connected by Kno2, a cloud-based solution that gives healthcare organizations a secure method of transmitting clinical documents directly from the MFP using Direct Messaging. With the press of button on the MFP’s screen, this HIPAA-compliant data exchange solution helps healthcare providers access, search, and send patient information to millions of providers across the country. It does this through Direct Messaging via Kno2 over the Surescripts HISP, the largest and most secure health information network in the U.S. These new MFP’s make it easier for healthcare providers to share files and work more securely.

Currently, the never-ending stream of patient information is still being handled primarily by the standard fax machine, exposing healthcare providers to HIPAA violations. Faxing is outdated. It is not secure, is inefficient, is labor intensive, and is not actionable.

This new HIPAA-compliant cloud-based solution is just one more way in making your medical offices more efficient. It gives you interoperability, a key component of making your office more productive and secure. The ability to exchange clinical information with speed and security across the community of care is a critical first step in the process, and Konica Minolta is well positioned to offer clinical document exchange using the new standard Direct Messaging directly from the Konica Minolta’s new healthcare MFP’s.

Features and benefits of the Konica Minolta Healthcare MFP, connected by Kno2:

  • Send confidential patient information using the MFP across a HIPAA-compliant network

  • With the touch of a button on the MFP’s screen you have secure access to more than a million providers

  • Transform paperwork, faxes, and digital files into usable, relevant, and “structured” clinical documentation

  • Advanced HIPAA-compliant security solutions that meet the challenges of patient confidentiality

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