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Certified Pre - owned

Used copiers

Gold Coast Certified Pre-Owned Copier Program

If you are looking to lease or buy a used or refurbished copier or printer, you're not limited to just a few models. We have over 1,200 black and white and color copiers in stock at any given time. So whether you need 1 or 10 copiers, we can fulfill your needs.


10-Point Certified Pre-Owned Process

Once the copiers are accepted into our Certified Pre-Owned Program they all undergo a 10-point checkpoint process to meet factory specifications.


  • Hand-selected with the lowest meters

  • Service history analysis for any past issues

  • Exterior inspected and refreshed to manufacturer’s standards

  • Internal mechanisms tested for reliability and durability

  • A cleared memory for security purposes

  • Optical components cleaned and certified

  • New toner, drum and developer, as needed

  • Fuser unit refreshed according to manufacturer specifications

  • Thorough cleaning and testing

  • A final inspection conducted at the time of delivery


Peace-of-Mind Guarantee
All of our certified pre-owned copiers come with the same warranty as our new copiers and qualify for our All-Inclusive Maintenance Program.


Up to 70% Savings on Certified Pre-Owned Copiers
The best part about buying or leasing one of our Certified Pre-Owned copiers is the money you'll save, typically up to 70% off of a new copier.  

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