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Document Solutions

Easily Automate and Manage Workflow Processes

Workflow solutions that will make your organization more efficient.

Gold Coast offers easy-to-use workflow solutions for your office that improves efficiency, streamlines processes, and reduces costs - allowing you to get more done in less time. Our software solutions can create automated document processes for your organization that will eliminate tedious and repetitive manual tasks. 


If you are looking for a software solution that improves your bottom line, reduces your paper usage, increases the security of your data, and makes your office more efficient - contact Gold Coast today!

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  • Easily convert and process scanned documents from your MFP

  • Convert to editable Word, Excel, PDFs 

  • Scan to network folders

  • Send documents to web repositories 

  • Scan directly to Microsoft SharePoint

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Convert Scans to Editable Word, Excel, PDF's and more...

Convert scanned documents to 8 different editable document and image electronic file formats. ScanPath software also has a powerful optical character recognition (OCR) engine that recognizes the text images on a page and converts it into editable text.


Scan Directly to Web Online Repositories and SharePoint

Increase productively by scanning documents and images automatically to Web repositories including Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Picasa, Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Office365, and Evenote. 

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Kno2 Simplifies the Sharing of Patient Information in Accordance with National Healthcare Objectives

Konica Minolta healthcare Copier/MFP is engineered with a HIPAA-compliant cloud-based solution from Kno2 that gives healthcare organizations a secure method of transmitting clinical documents directly from the bizhub using Direct Messaging.

  • Advance security solutions that meet the challenges of patient confidentiality.

  • Transform the never-ending stream of paperwork, faxes and digital files into usable, relevant, "structured" clinical documentation.

  • Enhance existing hospital EMR-based Direct Messaging.

  • Implement secure exchange in the extended care community - even without an EMR.

Kno2 healthcare software

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