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Equipment Financing

copier leasing

Are you looking for equipment financing? We have the lease solution and terms that will fit your needs.

Leasing makes sense today because it  allows for the preservation of capital and bank lines. It helps spread the cost of the equipment over multiple-years, and keeps more working capital liquid. Having cash on hand provides the flexibility organizations need for running the day-to-day operations and provides a cushion for unexpected expenses. 

  • Improves Your Cash Flow

  • Increases Your Bottom Line

  • Preserves Your Bank Credit Lines

  • Low Rates/Flexible Terms

Fair Market Value Equipment Lease (FMV)

A Fair Market Value (FMV) equipment lease solution provides for the lowest monthly payments, while delivering access to copier equipment for a period of time between 12 to 63 months. At the end of that period of time, and after all scheduled payments have been made, the Lessee has one of three options: return the equipment to the leasing company, purchase the equipment for a specific amount (Fair Market Value) or continue to rent the equipment on a monthly basis.

$1 Buyout Equipment Lease

A $1 Buyout Equipment Lease is a lease-to-own solution for small business owners.  The ownership of the equipment is passed to the Lessee following the receipt of all scheduled payments. This type of financial services solution is more expensive than a FMV transaction; however, the Lessee owns the equipment for $1 once all contracted payments have been made.

Short Term Copier Rentals

If you're looking to rent a copier or multi-function printer (MFP), Gold Coast Technologies has the copy machine for your south Florida business. No long-term commitment, our copy machine rentals are perfect for short term projects, typically less than 12 months. Perfect for construction firms, corporate events, and trade shows.  Our extensive copy machine inventory includes the latest models from Konica Minolta. You also have peace of mind knowing on-site service is included. 

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